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San Diego Airplane Accident Attorneys

Our San Diego Lawyers Represent Victims of Airplane Accidents


Seeking compensation for accidents involving private, commercial and charter planes


Aircraft accidents tend to result in catastrophic and deadly injuries. For almost 20 years, Sidiropoulos Law Firm, APC has helped victims of serious plane accidents recover the compensation they deserve.


If you were injured or your family member was killed in a plane crash, we fully investigate the cause using the black box, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reports and other evidence. Armed with thorough information, our injury attorneys aggressively pursue the corporations responsible for the incident. We work to recover the maximum compensation possible for your personal injury or wrongful death claim and to obtain justice for you and your family.


Top 10 causes of general aviation disasters


The Federal Aviation Administration is responsible for investigating aircraft accidents. The FAA lists the top 10 causes as:


1.  Loss of control in flight arising from environmental conditions, inexperience or sensory mistake

2.  Control of flight in difficult terrain, including mountainous areas or darkness

3.  System component failure occurring because of maintenance and preflight negligence

4.  Low-altitude operations typically involving power line patrol, crop dusters, fire fighters and EMS operations

5.  Unknown or undetermined causes

6.  Incorrect instrument approach procedures

7.  Fuel-related situations often arising from insufficient training with a particular aircraft’s fuel demands

8.  System component failure resulting in electrical failure, cabin fire, smoke, carbon monoxide or vacuum pump failure

9.  Midair collisions occurring in areas of heavy traffic

10.  Pilots inappropriately flying through wind shear and thunderstorms because of lack of preflight planning, insufficient weather knowledge and the desire to get home



Plane defects


Design and manufacturing negligence can result in equipment defects and other dangerous conditions:


Faulty brake system

Collapsed nose gear

Defective landing gear

Inaccurate GPS system

Poor aircraft design

Explosive decompression leading to severed control cables

Loss of an engine

Counterfeit components used in the aircraft

Malfunctioning of ice-detection on wings


Pilot errors


Pilots must undergo extensive training to learn not just how to fly, but also how to deal successfully with emergency situations. However, pilot error continues to be a major cause of aircraft crashes. Inexperience, distractions, cell phone use, fatigue or illness can affect a pilot’s awareness and ability to respond appropriately and quickly to problems.


Get the emotional and legal support you deserve in your aviation crash case


To get the help you need after you were injured or your loved one was killed in a plane crash, call Sidiropoulos Law Firm, APC at 619-696-7005 or contact us online. Your first consultation with our law firm is free. Our PI attorneys handle your claim on a contingency basis.


Our legal office is conveniently located at the edge of downtown San Diego near Balboa Park and in close proximity to the civil courthouse. In addition, our satellite offices are in Los Angeles, Imperial County and Vista, which allow us to effectively handle cases throughout Southern California — including Imperial, Riverside and San Diego counties. Our regular office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and we are available for after-hours and weekend appointments.

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    I want to personally thank you for your diligence, expertise, and support in this case. I appreciate your wisdom and confidence. I look forward to working on the pursuance of Esparza with you.


    - Joshua Zinniel


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